Throw-in advantages

When most people think of throw-in training they imagine that it’s all about long throw-ins towards the opponent’s goal.

Throw-in training of situations where the player is under pressure in his own half or in the middle of the pitch is often neglected, but is just as important.

I have analysed several hundred football games and most teams loose the ball in 50 – 70% of the situations where throw-ins are taken under pressure.

There are three reasons for this:

The players don’t throw long enough, and thus don’t have a large enough target area.

The player taking the throw-in is not aware of the best option for delivering the ball.

The team hasn’t worked enough on ball-retention in their own half.

I can help your team improve all these factors.

The following is an example of how an improved throw-in distance can increase the thrower’s target area: