I am Thomas Gr√łnnemark, professional throw-in coach

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Good throw-ins wins football matches

My mission is to improve throw-ins in modern international football.
I want throw-ins to be used bright and skilled all over the field.

The Long, Fast and Clever throw-ins.

Since 2004 I have trained teams and players all over Europe. Most players can improve 5-10 meters in length, some even up to 15 meter.

I have worked with Liverpool FC, RB Leipzig, KAA Gent, and many other professional clubs.

The Danish top clubs FC Midtjylland and AC Horsens scored more than 20 goals after throw-ins last season in the Danish Superliga, when I trained them.

it’s all a matter of technique and tactical understanding.

I am typically hired on a freelance basis in to clubs or for individual training.

World Record Throw-In

In 2010 I gained the World Record with a flip throw of 51,33 meters.
The technique is rarely used in a match situation though, but is primarily used for show purposes and really long throws.