We have witnessed time and time again how much our players improve after just a few short sessions with Thomas. Our throw-ins are a dangerous weapon. We have a handful of players who can throw the ball 30 meters rather than just the one—and we have seen how our stats improve as our throw-in distances extend.

Altogether, being associated with Thomas is nothing short of a gift. There is no disputing that our long throw-ins are a major asset for us. If you want your team to benefit from the extraordinary weapon of a long throw-in, Thomas is your guy.

Kristian Bach Bak

Assistant Coach, FC Midtjylland

A guy like Thomas can give us football coaches new input … A throw-in that’s thrown long, hard and with precision can be worth more than a corner.
Ove Christensen

Coach , Viborg FF

I get confused when a player can not throw five meters in a manner, where the receiver can keep ball possession or create dangerous situatíons.

Article from ESPN, interview with Mr Riddersholm regarding the Liverpool signing of Thomas Grønnemark:

Glen Riddersholm

Former Manager , FC Midtjylland & AGF, Denmark

How much does the players improve their Throw-in?

Usually the players improve between 5 and 10 meters, and some even 15 meters.

Here are some of the latest players who have been coached:


Mikkel Qvist (AC Horsens)              Before: 35,50 meters Now: 39,50 meters +4,00 meters (10 Throw-in assists 18/19)

Kian Hansen (FC Midtjylland)     
    Before: 30,70 meters Now: 36,00 meters +5,30 meters (8 Throw-in assist 18/19)

Mads Bech (Brentford FC)              Before: 34,75 meters Now: 40,80 meters +6,05 meters

Mads Thychosen (FC Midtjylland)  Before: 22,25 meters Now: 34,50 meters +12,25 meters

Andreas Poulsen (FC Midtjylland   Before: 24,25 meters Now: 37,90 meters +13,65 meters

Sargon Duran (Wiener Neustadt)   Before: 25,00 meters Now: 40,00 meters +15,00 meters 

… and many more