About me

My name is Thomas Gr√łnnemark, born 1975, married and with two lovely children, living in Skive in northwestern Denmark – and then I’m a throw-in nerd.

As a football fan, I was inspired by too many throw-ins where the ball was lost or goal chances that did not occur because no players could throw far or precise enough.

I learned how to make a world class throw and developed throwing techniques and analyzed game scenes to improve the throw-in part of the game. When I started there was absolutely no literature in the field or common knowledge around throw-in.

Today I have built up knowledge and experience, which is transferred to ambitious clubs and players, who understand the possibilities around throw-ins.

The tactical, the precise and the long throw.

I also wanted to prove that I could “take own medicine”, so in 2010 I trained hard and did then beat the world record with a throw of 51.33 meters.

The record still exists.

In addition, I am the lecturer and author of the book “LazyEnergy”. I have been in the Danish national team in Athletics (sprint) and Bobsleigh!