We have witnessed time and time again how much our players improve after just a few short sessions with Thomas. Our throw-ins are a dangerous weapon. We have a handful of players who can throw the ball 30 meters rather than just the one—and we have seen how our stats improve as our throw-in distances extend.

Altogether, being associated with Thomas is nothing short of a gift. There is no disputing that our long throw-ins are a major asset for us. If you want your team to benefit from the extraordinary weapon of a long throw-in, Thomas is your guy.

Kristian Bach Bak

Assistant Coach, FC Midtjylland

Throw-in coaching

In my training, we focus on length, precision and tactical understanding around the throw-ins.

82% have improved between 4 and 15 meters in the period from 2004 to today!

Both individual and team training courses are agreed upon with the club management or player agents.

Club concept

Typically, more teams are trained on a day or abroad over several days.
The training includes technique and tactics as well as video analysis.

Individual performance measurements are made, so progress can be documented.

Special training with selected players, as the coaches designate in relation to tactical concepts.

Always professional feedback to the training team and recommendations for exercises for daily, continuing training.

Throw-ins must be exercised on an equal basis with other standards to become a powerful weapon.

Individual throw-in training

Thomas Grønnemark provides for private players , typically where management or agent can see the advantage of having a throw-in, typically the long one, as an additional core competence.

A typical course for individual training is:
– warm up
– Input test 1
– technical throw-in training
– Input test 2
– video analysis, feedback training recommendations

A training session lasts approx. 45 minutes, and a training session is typically at 2-3 training passes.

Here are a few examples of players who have received individual throw-in training:

Leon Jessen, FC Midtjylland (now Kaiserslautern), he improved from 21.60 to 30.50 meters in 2 training passes.
Sargon Duran (Austria) he improved from 25.00 to 36.00 meters after 2 training sessions and home exercises in Austria.
An U17 player from Farum, he improved from 21.20 to 30.30 meters on only one training session.

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